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Here's everything you always wanted in an Arkansas stone for a lot less money. Woodcraft's new Arkansas "Perfect" sharpening stones are made of ground and screened novaculite particles from natural Arkansas stones. These particles are bonded together to create stones of controlled uniformity. Slightly coarser than natural Arkansas stones, these stones are "perfect" in grain and shape, so they cut a sharp edge quickly and more effectively. Stones measure 8x2x1 in., and you have a choice of three grits: coarse (600), medium (700) and fine (900). (Price: coarse, $16.50; medium, $18.50; fine, $29.95; combination medium/fine, $24.95) ■ Woodcraft Supply Corf)., Dept. AWT, 41 Atlantic Axv., P.O. Box 4000, Woburtt, MA 01888

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Wood Working 101

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