34 American Woodworker OCTOBER 2003

Tight-Spot Brad Nailer

Sometimes when you want to get out of a tight spot you have to get into a tight spot. For example, nailing trim to an inside corner. This new gun takes brad-nailer convenience to the next level. Unlike other brad nailers, the magazine on the Quicknail 1850-2 ($120) angles up and away from the tip, making it easier to get the nose in confined places. This is a feature carpenters have long enjoyed with large nail guns.

The Quicknail 1850-2 shoots 18-gauge brads from i to 2-in. long. Most brad nailers have the same 2-in. maximum, but a number also shoot shorter brads, down to 5/8 in.

A no-mar tip and adjustable exhaust are useful features on this brad nailer. On the negative side, you must use a wrench to open the nose and clear jams, and the 1850-2 only has a bump fire mode.(For more on features, see our Brad Nailer Tool Test, AW #102, page 68.) The angled clips required for this gun cost about the same as straight clips, but may not be available at a local home center. /W



(888) NAILGUN, #1850-2; $120.

The Leigh Dovetail Jig lias it all. Hobbyist or professional, the Leigh D4 Dovetail Jig will ensure you I create your best work. Versatility, precision jnd superb value make the Leigh Dovetail jig better than the rest. Rout rhrough and half-blind dovetails up to 24" wide in boards up to IV2" thick, with infinitely variable spacing of pins and tails - all nn une jig. Joining Tradition With Today

Plus, rout sliding and angled dovetails easily widi the D4. And create decorative Isoloc joints, finger joints, and multiple mortise 1 „^ i„juimo i.,¿. po Bor 357

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_ _ ____ _ _ _ . — _ _ _ _ __ _ _ 'toll fctí ¡Ü<¡0«W>932 Tri.4M

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