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Longer Lasting CA Glue

Q. CA glue is terrific for quickly bonding small pieces without clamps, but how do you make it last longer? My bottles clog up and the glue hardens way too soon.

A* Once opened, the shelf life of cyanoacrylate (CA) glue is a short three to six months. But if you zip it into an air-tight plastic bag and store it in your refrigerator (out of the reach of children), the glue will last indefinitely. Cold doesn't affect the bonding properties of the glue, but you should allow the bottle to reach room temperature before using it.

To keep your nozzle from clogging,"burp" your CA bottle after each use. Set the bottle upright and squeeze it until the glue reaches the top of the nozzle. When you let go, you'll create a vacuum that will suck the glue back into the bottle. Next, tap the bottom of the bottle on your workbench several times to force the last drop or two of glue to tall back into the bottle. Then put the cap back on.

If your tip gets clogged anyway, unscrew it from the botde and soak it in acetone. Use an awl or needle to pry off loosened pieces of glue.



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