28 American Woodworker OCTOBER 2003


10" Table Saw the perfect table saw ^ "" tor contractors or ^^^ smaller shops. ^^ FEATURES; Left-tilling arbor reduces chance of kickback.

1-1/2 hp motor with quick release connection plug. 10" dia. blade capacity. Miter gauge with T-slot. Large cast iron table with a solid extension wing. Beveled front table edge for smooth miter gauge operation. 4" dust collection hookup.

BW-002A Dust Collector portable, compact unit can soVe your dust collection problems ai a very low cost FEATURES: 2 hp motor. 1059 CFM. 1 Micron filter bag. 43.5 gallon collection bag. Bags attached with quick release metal straps. Metal impeller (not plastic).

shown v.-il'i standard Align-a-Rip* 30" capacity rip ience.

4ccfa/med a "best buy 'among 6" Jointers by a professional woodwortdng publication FEATURES: 1 hp motor. 3 knife cuttertiead. Jackscrew knife adjustment. Enclosed base with 4" chip collection hookup. Precision ground 6" x 45" cast iron tables. Rabbeting tabie and ledge. Cast iron lence tiits in both directions to 45s with positive stops at 45" and 90° Cast iron handwheels.

BW-1SBS 15" Bandsaw don't lei its low price tool you, this amazing -bandsaw is designed jg and built to provide trouble free operation cut alter out.

FEATURES: Heavily ribbed cast iron Irame. 3/4 hp motor is mounted directly to cast iron frame lor smooth operation. Two biade speeds: 2000 or 2600 SFM. Cast aluminum wheels with rubber tires. Non-rocking steel stand. Miter gauge.

■¿^■^HEIV BW-15P .itLj-Ji if"* 15" Planer c^^E^^Hf Hfe economically priced TiHli-- ^^M yel built like larger

\BfcT ..J^M professional planers.

■ FEATURES: 3 hp. 3 knife cutterhead. Jackscrew knife adjustment. Enclosed base with wheels for mobility. H 15" x 6" planing capacity. ^m Table moves up and down- " I\ ^m cutterhead stationary for * ^BkH ff smoother cuts. Three stock J support rollers front and » back. 2 speed feed rate.

Enclosed Base with Wheels Magnetic switch.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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