Model 750-ER

JDS, the leader in quality air filtration products, introduces the ultimate air cleaner for your shop (Mode! 750-ER).This remote controlled unit will clean the air in a SO'xSO'xS' shop once every ten minutes. For larger areas the models 8-12,10-16, and 2400 are available. To remove odors, fumes and smoke, order our optional charcoal filter.

Model 750-ER When only the Best will Do!

• LCD Remote Control with speed and timer function

• Highest Maximum Air Flow in its Class 1,050 CFM (750 CFM Filtered Air)

• 95% ASHREA Tested mainfilter (91 % Efficiency at 1 micron - 99% al 5 microns)

• Washable Electrostatic Pre Filter With ten year manufacturer's warranty

To place an order or for the dealer nearest you call us toll free.

Put the Force to work in your shop...

Our new 1.5 HP Dust-Force is the perfect addition to our award winning line of air filtration units. Powerful, portable, and ready to work for you, the Dust-Force will make your shop a cleaner, healthier, more productive environment.


Specifications *

Motor 1.5 HP

Max CFM 1250

Fan 11"

Bag Capacity 42 gallons

Decibels 67-77

Electrical 110/220

Switch Prewired for 110V

Another quality product from

Motor 1.5 HP

Max CFM 1250

Fan 11"

Bag Capacity 42 gallons

Decibels 67-77

Electrical 110/220

Switch Prewired for 110V

Another quality product from

1-800-480-7269 www.thtjdscompanu.com

2. Stain (Optional)

\ Apply Varathane Premium 1,' -I Polyurethane

1 for Floors: over twice as durable as other finishes for the ultimate in wood ' 1 ' floor protection.

3. Protect

Floors this beautiful have never been so easy.

For a free brochure, go to www.varathane.com.

©2003 Rust-Oleum Corporation

Some projects require a whole

How-to book. You'll just need this little ad»

Sand floors quickly and easily with Varathane's revolutionary, dust-free ezV"* Sander.

If you wish to add color to your floors, apply the stain color of your choice.

Question & Answer

Shop Insurance

Q. I sell some of my woodworking projects so 1 can buy new power tools. Will homeowner's insurance sti!! cover my shop?

A. Only your insurance agent can tell you for sure. All insurance carriers will accept a "hobby" shop as a normal part of your homeowner's coverage, but you may move into a different category if yo ur shop becomes the home of a cottage business.

Pull out your policy and look for limits on personal property used for business purposes. If you can't make heads or tails of the fine print, call your agent. Be honest. Coming clean can save you a lot of grief if you ever have to file a claim.

If your agent comes to visit, it pays to show him a tidy and orderly layout, a dust-collection system, fire extinguishers and proper storage of flammable finishing supplies (that usually means a metal cabinet).

Whether you make money from your woodworking or not, you should have a record of all your tools in case they're damaged or stolen. Most of us have way more woodworking stuff than we can remember, and it may well add up to more money than a normal household policy will cover under the blanket category of "tools." Ideally, you'd have kept all your receipts, but the next best thing is to take a complete tour of your shop with a still or video camera and make a visual record of all your tools.

If you have a question you'd like answered, send it to us at: Question & Answer, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 or e-mail to [email protected]. Sorry, but the volume of mail prevents lis Irom answering each question individually.

for retailers near you:

www.gorillaglue.com 1-800-966-3458

External Cartridge Filters

Spun-bonded polyester filter media with an international BIA ZH1/487 test rating of "CMhe media captures 99.9% of test 'material between 0.2-2.0 microns @ 11 FPM face velocity.

I5:25hp Systems

[>fREI System and Duclwork Coiolog t> FREE Duel Design»/$so order > 1007» Mode in Ihe USA

Online Ordering!


FREE Shipping on Ductwork*'

*48 States - $50 Min. -Some Restrictions Apply

Why Coat Sawblades?

Q* Why are some saw blades covered with a slick coating when only the teeth actually touch the wood?

A. All the parts of a blade come into play when it's cutting. The purpose of a coating, beyond preventing corrosion and rust, is to keep a blade running cool and straight so it makes a smooth cut.

As the teeth cut, a swir! of sawdust moves around the plate and inside the gullets. This dust contains pitch from solid wood or resins from plywood. The dust is constantly rubbing against the blade, producing friction and adding to the heat made by the blade's teeth. The hotter the blade gets, the more this gummy stuff clings to the sides of the teeth, the gullets and plate. When the pitch and resin start to build up, the reduced clearance behind the teeth creates even more friction. It's a vicious cycle. Too much heat causes a blade to slightly distort and wobble, making a noticeably rougher cut. Thin-kerf blades are particularly prone to this problem.

A coating reduces the friction between the sawdust and the plate. Plus, it resists gummy build-up, just like a coated frying pan. Both factors help a biade run true. Coated blades still get some gummy buildup. A coating doesn't eliminate the need to regularly inspect and clean your blade. WV

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