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I s^ary Inlormation is based on Occupational Outlook Handbook, a publlcaüon cl ttie U.S. Dspaflmenl ol Laboi. Individué student earnings va<y.

"VTh Cf Tell ine how I can train at home in my spare time for :i ¡setter • job. more money, and a new career or business of mv own! No obligation. CHECK ONE ONLY! □ 15 HOME INSPECTOR □ 89 Small Engine Repair □ 25 Gunsmith



City/State^ Phone ( E-mail_

Electrician PC Repair High School Motorcycle Repair Technician Private Investigator HVAC Technician

□04 Auto Repair Technician

□ 104 Carpenter

□ 70 Small Business Owner □31 Professional Locksmithing

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