Colonial Spoon Rack

Any collection of fine silverware can be proudly displayed in this charming colonial spoon rack. Note that it is basically made up of seven parts: the back, two sides, the front, bottom, and two spoon holders. All are made from %" clear pine.

Since thin wide stock is hard to come by, the back will probably have to be made from two pieces of 14" stock, edge glued together, then planed down to the thickness. After planing, transfer tlu- imd patterns from the drawing to the stock and cut out

Now cut out the two sides, again planing down the heavier stock and cutting the curvcs as shown in the pattern.

The front piece and bottom can be cut out next. Continue using the same procedure, taking care to make all cuts accurately.

The final two parts are the top and bottom spoon holders. Refer to the drawing for the dimensions needed to drill the holes and cut the grooves. You'll want a nice, clean hole here, so use a sharp drill bit. Cut the grooves so that they will be uniform in width.

Begin assembly by first attaching the back to the sides. Use wood glue and fasten from the back with small finishing nails. Next, attach the bottom to the back and sides. Use two decorative brass escutcheon nails on each side to attach the front. Finally, put the spoon holders in place and fasten from the back with finishing nails.

To finish, sand all surfaces completely and stain to suit. Apply two coats of satin varnish, rubbing down the final coat with 4/0 steel wool.

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