Lap Desk

Made entirely of %" white pine, this is a good project for the novice. Veteran woodworkers can tipftrade the piece to heirloom quality by substituting walnut and dovetailing the case cor ners. Nevertheless, built as shown, it's a handsome item.

Clear pine is preferred and all parts should be well sanded first. The case back fits flush between the sides and the bottom butts against it. Use 5-penny (2") box nails and file the heads to a rectangular shape to simulate antique nails.

Glue and nail the sides to the bottom with the grain running as shown. Cut the case back and front for an exact fit and glue and nail it to the sides and bottom; then add the top flush with sides and back.

The lid is made of three parts as shown, glued and clamped together. Rest the lid on the ease and mark the front and back edges for bevel t ut the bevel by planing toward the center from ilic edges to avoid splintering

Give the desk a final sanding and stain tt for an antique-pine clfect. Finish with at least two coats of satin-linish varnish and mount dccora tive brass hinges similar to those shown.

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