Paper Towel Holder

An attractive pine paper-towel holder like this will be a welcome gift in any home. In fact, most homes can put several to use—in the bathroom, garage, laundry room, or workshop, it's a very handy accessory.

Make the back bracket first, cutting it from 1" stock to the dimensions shown. Give a generous chamfer to the outside edge before sanding all surfaces smooth.

Cut out two x 6"-diameter hubs and bore a 1 center hole. File all rough edges and sand smooth.

Turn the l%"-diameter center shaft to the profile shown.

Use four fiat-headed wood screws to attach the two hubs to the back bracket at the location shown. Drill mounting holes to suit.

Final sand all surfaces, stain, and apply two coats of polyurethane satin varnish. Rub down the final coat with 4/0 steel wool.

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