Pecking Bird

I'endulum-operated toys date back to ancient times. This particular version originated in central Europe sometime in the fifteenth century.

Cut a 1 x 1 x 2%" soft-pine block for the body .ind cut 54 x notches in both ends. Locate and drill a dowel hole and two small pinholes for wire brads, as shown. Round the body by carving .ind sanding.

Trace the head and tail from the full-size drawing and transfer to pine. Drill pinholes, then jigsaw the shapes. Make the handle from pine and locate and drill three ^«"-diameter holes.

Thread a 10" length of heavy thread through the pinhole of the head piece and fasten it at the notch. Tie another length to the tail piece, then fasten the head and tail to the body with small headless brads.

Glue a short length of dowel into the body and handle. Cut and drill the pendulum block and thread both strings through the holes in the handle and block, knotting them together at the bottom of the block. The block should hang about 3" below the handle.

To activate the bird, hold the handle and move it in a circular direction, causing the pendulum to swing. The bird will tip its head and tail alternately, as if feeding.

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