Serving Tray

Patterned after a lovely Shaker original, this serving Iray can be made of pine, mahogany, or walnut. The %" thickness of the sides and ends is no problem, as these parts are narrow enough to be easily resawed from thicker stock.

It's best to prepare the bottom first as its final thickness will determine the width of the grooves in which it rides. Basically, the bottom is plywood or hardboard. veneered on both sides to match the rest of the piece. Mahogany and white pine veneer cost about the same while walnut is a bit more. The veneer is simply contact cemented to the plywood, the excess trimmed olT with a veneer knife. Sand the veneered panel carefully.

Next cut stock for the ends and lay out and run the grooves deep and wide enough to take the bottom in an easy slip fit. Enlarge the pattern for the curved top edge on heavy paper and cut out and trace the outline on the stock. Jigsaw to shape, round off the top edges carefully, and sand.

Cut the sides to length and width, and groove them the same as the ends. Round off the top edges. Use glue and clamps to join the ends and sides but do not glue the bottom in its groove. Give the pieces a final sanding and finish with clear sealer or a penetrating oil finish.

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