Simple wooden toys seem to have as much appeal for adults as they have for children. Some designs have been around in one form or another for centuries, which is proof enough of their intrinsic amusement value.

You've got to see this toy in action to appreciate it. The balancing act it performs on the end of your finger or the edge of a tabic is almost unbelievable. If ever there was an ideal first project for the young woodworker, this is it. Hardwood is best for this toy, as considerable force is applied to the sharp end of the Skyhook when balancing a leather belt and the edge will quickly round off if soft pine is used, causing the toy to sway from side to side.

The illustration is actual size, so it can be cut out or transferred to tracing paper and marked directly on the wood^Close adherence to the dimensions given will insure a surprising performance. Be sure to make the point of the hook straight across. To use, simply insert a leather belt in the slot and balance the end on your finger. If the buckle is very heavy, you will have to adjust the bell in the slot to its approximate center of balance. One last point: Only a leather belt will work: cloth bells lack the necessary weight and stiffness.

If you are inclined to make handcrafted wooden toys for sale, the Skyhook in particular is a money-maker, as it can be stack-sawed from layers of wood and many dozens can be produced in a short time.

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