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After all the parts of the arbor are finished, the last thing to do is haul them out to your lawn or garden and reassemble the arbor. This isn't terribly difficult. But getting the site ready can be a project in itself. There are a number of ways to install the arbor. But no matter how you do it, the key is to get everything level.

To install our arbor, we decided to use tubular paper concrete forms (Sonotubes), concrete anchors, and L-brackets, see drawing at right.

CONCRETE FORMS. The first thing to do is carefully stake out the location of the arbor. The ground here should be fairly level. But rather than trying to level the ground perfectly, we decided to pour concrete pads and make sure they were level. That's where the sonotubes come in handy. These concrete forms can be set so they end up level with each other. (To check the forms, you can cut a long straightedge and set a level on top of it.)

ANCHORS. With the concrete poured and dried, the arbor can be set in place and fastened to the concrete pads, see detail 'a' at right. To do this, I used concrete anchors and L-brackets.

There are a number of different expanding anchors to use. The ones I found expanded when a pin was driven into them. (You'll need a hammer drill to drill the pilot hole.)

To get the L-bracket to fit over the anchor, I had to enlarge the hole, see detail 'a'. Then when the L-bracket is bolted down, it can be screwed to the arbor with lag screws. ES


G Outer Beams (4) 11/2x51/4-75

*Also Needed: 24" x 26" hardboard panel for template


• (8) 1/4" x 3V2" Lag Screws wA/Vashers

■ (4) Concrete Forms and Concrete

• (4) Mounting Brackets w/Lag Screws *Note: Use exterior grade hardware.



4x4 (3W x 3V2") - 8' Redwood (4 @ 10.7 Bd. Ft. ea.)

2x4 (1 V¡" x 3V:>") - Ö' Redwood ([email protected] Bd. Ft. ea.)

2x6 (V/2" x 5V?) - 8' Redwood ([email protected] Bd. Ft. ea.)

2x4 (1 V¡" x 3V:>") - Ö' Redwood ([email protected] Bd. Ft. ea.)

2x6 (V/2" x 5V?) - 8' Redwood ([email protected] Bd. Ft. ea.)

2x6 (1 Vi" x SV/) - S' Redwood ([email protected] Bd. Ft. ea.)

Concrete Brackets

2x6 (1 Vi" x SV/) - S' Redwood ([email protected] Bd. Ft. ea.)

2x12 (VA" x IVA")-8' Redwood (2 @ 16 Bd. Ft. ea.)


Arbor Installation

Concrete anchor

NOTE: Make sure all four concrete pads are level with each other

L-bracket cross section

=l L-bracket

Concrete anchor

Tubular paper concrete form (Sonotube)

NOTE: Concrete forms should extend below frost line

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