Setting Up the

Now the jig is complete, and it can be set up on the table saw. This will tiike a few minutes the first time, but after that, it shouldn't take ^ much longer than it does to change a saw blade.

The first thing to do is remove the rip fence, insert plate, and saw blade. Then the hub-less pulley can be added to the saw's arbor, see detail 'a'. (The pulley's outside diameter is 2". And the bore should match the diameter of the arbor.) Note: Remove the pulley's set screw before installing it. (The pulley is held in place with the arbor nut.)

Next, I raised the arbor up to get the belt around the pulley. Then set the jig in place and slip the belt over the pulley. Now lower the arbor until the belt is tight, see detail 'b'.

With the jig in place, you're ready to start sharpening. But before you adjust the carriage and tool rest (see box below), place die safety hood over the inserts and tighten it down. ESS

NOTE: Remove set screw from pulley

Lower arbor to tighten belt

Raise arbor to install belt


Raise arbor to highest position and install belt on pulley

Blade washer

2"-dia. hub-less pulley


Slide jig into position

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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