No matter how carefully you build and set up the low speed grinder, you may still find it necessary to make some adjustments once you start grinding. But don't worry. This is a simple enough matter.

ANGLED EDGE. If the edge of the blade is straight but not square to the sides, just cock the tool slightly in the tool holder so the high end faces into the wheel, see drawing.

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Tilt blade in holder as needed to grind square edge


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Now just grind away a little more material to see if you need to make further adjustments. Once you're satisfied the wheel is grinding squarely, finish grinding the edge.

CURVED EDGE. If you find that the grinder is rounding your tool and creating a convex edge, you'll need to grind the edge down until it's straight.

To do this, draw a reference line across the back of the tool using a square and a pencil. Now start grinding at the center of the blade, using short side-to-side passes to take down the high spot of the blade, see drawing.

Grind down center of blade until edge is straight



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As the rounded edge starts to flatten out, take longer and longer passes across the stone until you end up with an edge that is both straight and even all the way across.

Honing creates a razor-sharp edge.

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