Arm Pattern

MORTISES. Next, I laid out and drilled a series of mortises on the top edge of the end rails (D) for the arm slats, see Fig. 9. These are spaced the same as the back three mortises in the arms.

There's also a mortise on the inside face of the end stretchers (E) ,see Figs. 9 and 9a. These are to hold a front rail.

TENONS. Now I moved on to the tenons. These are cut on the ends of the rails and stretchers, see Fig. 9. Cut these to fit the mating mortises on the legs.

bevelabm. Back to the arm for a minute. The last thing is to cut a bevel across the back to fit against the angled part of the back leg, see Fig. 10.

Shop Note: To help determine the location and angle of this bevel (12° in mycase), the

NOTE: Grid squares are 1"x 1"

21 Va"

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