The arms (C) are cut from 1 V^'-thick stock just like the legs, see Fig. 8.

After they had been cut to length and width, I laid out a gentle curve along the outside backedge, seethe Arm Pattern at right.

MORTISES. Before cutting the arm shape, I laid out and drilled four mortises along the underside, see Fig. 8.

Note: These mortises are not all in line like soldiers. The front mortise is located closer to the inside edge, see. Fig. 8. This mortise fits the tenon on top of the front leg. The others are for arm slats (added later).

cuttoSHAPE. Next, I bandsawed a radius across the front of the arms, Fig. 8.

Then the curved profile can be cut along the outside edge of the arms. Finally, sand the front edge and profile smooth.


After cutting the arms to shape, the next thing to do is cut the other two pieces that connect the legs. The end rails (D) and end stretchers (E) are cutthe same length from lV2"-thick stock, see Fig. 9.

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