Back Legs

I cut all the parts for the Bench from IV2"-thick ("two-by") stock. Because the back legs are angled, I cut them from an extra-wide blank, see Fig. 1.

cutto SHAPE. When transferring the pattern to the leg blank, be sure to align the

MORTISES. To keep track of the legs and FRONT 1 EGS

the mortises, first stand the legs in their FRONT LEGS

proper orientation, see Fig. 2. Then mark the The front legs (B) are cut from the same position of the mortises on the front and in- lV^'-thick (two-by) stock as the back legs. I side faces of each, refer to Figs. 3,4, and 5. began by cutting them to finished width and Note: After the mortises are complete, length, see Fig. 2.

the legs should be a mirrored set

Now, drill the mortises on each back leg. (I used the drill press.)

Note: I drilled all the mortises IV16" deep. But they're not all the same length. Also, the mortises below the "bend" intersect at "BL" marks on the template with the edge the bottom of the mortise, see Fig. 6a. And ofthe blank, see Fig. l.Then the back legs for the mortises on the front of the legs the (A) can be cut and sanded smooth. table needs to be swiveled, see Fig. 6.

MORTISES. Each frolfighas two pairs c mortises. One pair will be used to connect the front and back legs. The second pair is for connecting the front legs to each other.

These mortises are drilled in the same location as on the back legs, see Figs. 4 and 5.

TENONS. The front legs also nave a tenon on top, see Figs. 2 and 7. These hold the arms in place, refer to Fig. 12.

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