Base Assembly

After completing the parts for the back of the Bench, I began putting everything together. This can De a littlelike puttingto-gether a puzzle. There's a certain sequence to getting it all to go together right.

L found it easiest to start from the inside and work my way out

RAILS TO UPRIGHTS. Start by gluing the back seat rail (H) into the upper notch in the uprights (K). And atthe same time, glue the center back rail (M) into the mortisesbe-tween the uprights, refer back to Fig. 23.

Shop Note: To keep the opening for the latticework square, once again insert the plywood square during glue-up. Also, don't use any screws just yet.

STRETCHER TO UPRIGHTS. Then, glue and screw the back stretcher (J) onto the lower notch in the uprights. Here I used a pair of #8 x IV4" galvanized deck screws to reinforce each joint. (Drill the screw holes after gluing and clamping the parts.)

slats & SIDE RAILS. Next, glue the back slats (N) into the mortises in the back seat rail. Then attach the side back rails (L) to the uprights and back slats. (Again, refer to the article on page 18.)

FRONT PIECES & END UNITS. That takes care of the tricky part of the assembly. All thafs left is to glue and screw the end assemblies onto the back unit while at the same time gluing in the front seat rail and stretcher, see Fig. 24.

Note: After the entire assembly has been glued and clamped together, secure all the parts with countersunk galvanized deck screws, see Figs. 24,24a, and 24b.

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