Drawer Frame

To help organize some of the hardware scattered throughout the shop, I decided to build five-drawer and two-drawer storage units for our new pegboard.

The frames for both drawer units are identical. The only differences are the size of the drawers and how many there are.

BUILDING THE FRAME. A drawer consists of a top, a bottom, two sides, and aback I used 3/4M-thickpine for all the parts except for the back. For this I used V4" Ma-sonite, see drawing below.

To hold the back, there's a rabbet running along the back edge of each piece, see Fig. 7. And another rabbet on the top and bottom to hold the sides, see Fig. 8.

Once the joinery is complete, glue and screw the top and bottom to the sides. Then cut the back to size and glue it in place.

Next, chamfer the top and bottom. Then screw three I .-hooks into the back edge of the top. When installing the L-hooks, ifs important to install them correctly so the unit f]famgs properly, see drawing at right.

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