Now the frames are ready for the drawers. This time, I used Vfc"-thick stock for all the parts, except for the bottoms and dividers (I used V4" Masonite), see drawing at right.

When building either size drawer, the ba-y4 \x'/^x s^A11 sic approach is the same. There are only two differences — the lengths of the fronts and backs, and the number of dividers, see drawing at right.

FRONTS, BACKS, & SIDES. To begin, cut the fronts, backs, and sides to size.

Now cut a rabbet on the front and back pieces for the sides, see Fig. 9. Then cut a groove on the inside face of each workpiece for the bottom, see Fig. 10.

Next, dadoes for drawer dividers can be cut. For the larger drawers, the dadoes are cut in the fronts and the backs. On th smaller drawers, they're cut in the sides, see exploded view at right.

Now dry assemble each drawer to determine the size of the bottom and dividers (or divider). Then after they're cut to size, glue and nail the drawers together. Finally, I added drawer pulls that have a slot for a label (for sources, see page 31).


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