Electric Squaring Gauge

•When setting a table saw blade it can be difficult to tell when the blade is exactiy 90°. To solve this problem, I made an inexpensive electric gauge, see Fig. 1. The gauge tells the exact moment when the blade is square to the table. brass machine screws and a

The gauge is built with many two-cell battery holder indicates of the same parts that you would when the blade is square to the findin a flashlight (ifound them gauge, see Fig. 2.

all at a local Radio Shack store To calibrate the gauge, first for less than $5.) place a try square against the

A lamp holder wired to two screws — with both the gauge and the square on a known flat surface. Then screw them in or out until the lamp lights. (To get better contact, you may want to file the ends of the screws flat.)

LawrenceGottlieb Madison, Wisconsin

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