Garden Bench 6

Most ofthisBench is built with mortise and tenonjoints. The lattice grid in the back is one exception. Its strength comes from multiple edge laps.

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Edge Laps

Protecting with Paint 15

A project that sits outdoors much of the year requires a lot or protection. One of the best ways to protect itis to give the project a coat of water repellent ana a couple coats of paint.

Edge 16

Edge laps create a strong, locking grid for latticework, shadowboxes, and drawer dividers. Here are step-by-step instructions on cutting evenly-spaced edge laps.

Wall Storage System 20

Apegboard tool rack is a common fixture in many shops. Our Storage Systetfbr pegboard includes drawer units, shelves, sandpaper storage, and tool racks.

Spice 26

Like a "space-saver" appliance, this Drawer hangs beneath your kitchen cupboards. When opened, it swings down so the spices inside are easy to see and within reach.

Spline Groove 30

Splines are a great way to align and strengthen beveled miterjoints. Here 'si jig that works on a router table to rout Storage System the grooves for the splines.

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