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•Like many woodworkers! do most of my woodworking in a garage. Unfortunately my garage isn't wired with enough electrical outlets.

To avoid tripping over extension cords, or rewiring my garage, I made ceiling-suspended extension cord tracks, see Fig 1.

Each track consists of a cable thafs stretched between two screw eyes, see Fig. la. The hooks are screwed into my shop walls, up out of the way near the ceiling. And clipped to the extension cord are shower curtain rings that travel along the cable, see Fig. lb.

The track works like a shower curtain. When you need to plug in a tool away from the wall, just slide the extension cord down the track. When you're through, slide it back, see Fig. 2.

I have a track for stationary tools located in the middle of my shop. And a track over my work bench that's nice when I'mus-ing hand-held power tools.

John Cartvmght Johannesburg, South Africa

Editor's Note: Use electrica cable ties to keep the extension cord attached to the shower cui tain rings, see Fig. lb.

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