Garden Bench

Strong)inery is used to build a solid bench out of construction lumber. Vertical slats and a latticework insert give the project a light look. And so does a protective coat of white outdoor paint.

strong but light. That's the goal I had for the design of this G

.,' design of this Garden Bench. For strength, I used mortise and tenon joints throughout But what about the "lightpart? Here, there were some decisions to make.

LIGHTWEIGHT. I actually had two things in mind when I was thinking of a light Garden Bench. FirstJ wanted it to be light in weight so it would be easy to move around when mowing under the Bench.

LIGHTlook. But there was another light wanted to achieve. That was in the look of the Bench. The idea was to make the Bench fit well in a typical yard. It shouldn't look like a kid's jungle gym or the living room sofa.

LIGHTSOLUTIONS. My solution to both these concerns was in the design. For the light weight,

I used a softwood, Douglas Fir, see the b on the facing page.

Fir may dent a littleasier than some hardwoods that could also be used in an outdoor project, such as white oak or teak. But when covered with a couple coats of paintifs more than ai quate. Ana using mortise and tenonjoinery and deck screws makes for a strong bench (no matter what type of wood you use).

Asforthe light lookhere were several solutions. I First, I used a lattice insert in the center and slats on the back and sides, see photo above. These are not only strong, they also let light pass through.

Finally, that's lighter than if it were the Bench is painted white for a look unpainfaidwood. For more on how I finished the Bench, there's a separate article on page 15.

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