The last step on the draweritself is to attach gap at the top of the drawer, see Fig. 16a. I frames of your cabinets extend below the a false front (I) to the front of the drawer, used double-sided carpet tape to hold it in bottom of the cabinet, you will need to add To do this, first cut the false front to lengthplace while I marked the holes, see Fig. 16. a couple of spacers to bring the Spice so it covers the sides of the case, see Fig. 16. Now mark the location and drill pilotDrawer flush with the frame, see Fig. 17. (Mine was 16" long.) holes in the false front.Then attach the false Then position the dividers in the dadoes to

Next, break the front edge with bi6" charn-front to the drawer assembly, see Fig. 16a. fer (or choose a decorative profile that will Note: Remove the tape before attaching the match your kitchen cabinets). false front to the drawer.

Then position the false front (I) on the INSTALLATION. Finally, mount the Spice drawer assembly to leave aVi6n clearance Drawer to your kitchen cabinets. If the race fit your spice containers.

Choose a finish that matches the color of your kitchen cabinets. I used Minwax's Golden Oak stain and topped it with two coats of Minwax's Antique Oil. □



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