Oversize Blank

cut to a line. When layout

The trick I use is to start with an oversize blank (or blanks). I cut the edge laps across is com- the face of this blank — not the edge, see

Step 5. Then I rip the blank into individual workpieces, see Step 6.

This way, I can adjust the thickness of the workpieces to match the width of the dado blade. This may sound backwards, but if s just like fitting a tenon to a mortise.

OTHER BENEFITS. Using a wide blank has other benefits, too. The pieces end up the exact same height All the edge laps are perfectly aligned. And there's no chipout □

cut to a line. When layout

i To cut the notches, line up the layou i' lines on the blank with the mark on th\

, / Push A Finished block > / workpieces I /w should fit notches

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