Sandpaper Dispenser

One thing we use a lot of in the Woodsmith shop is Stikit (adhesive-backed) sandpaper. When I realized that we go through about as many rolls of it as we do toilet paper, it gave me an idea for a Stikit dispenser — using a toilet paper holder.

Each dispenser is built with l/2M-thick stock for the sides and door. But W-thick stock is used for the top. This allowed me to screw in the Lrhooks without worrying about splitting the top, see drawing at right. And because the top and bottom nave the same size rabbets, it was easiest to useH"-thick stock for the bottom as well.

Before the parts can be assembled, a number of things have to be done. First, cut mortises in the top for hinges, see drawing. (I used a chisel for this.)

Then drill a finger hole (actually a partial

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