Sandpaper File

I've always had a difficult time trying tokeep sheets of sandpaper flat. They always want to curl up. Especially during the summer months when the humidity changes. To keepthem flat and relatively dry, I made a sandpaper file system that also lets me store them according to grit

The sandpaper file is just an open box. Loose dividers, similar to those found in a file cabinet are used to separate the different grits of sandpaper, referto Fig. 17. Iused V4" Masonite for the dividers to help keep the sandpaper flat (and the air out) when stored on edge.

ANGLED SIDES. The sandpaper file is bi similar to the the drawer frames, refer to page 22. First, cut a rabbet in the ends of the front and back for the sides. Then cut a rabbet in the front and sides for the bottom.

To make it easier to get the sandpaper in and out of the file, I cut the sides at an angle on the band saw. Then the top edge of the front is bevel-ripped on the table saw to match the sides, see Fig. 16.

Once all the parts are glued and screwed together, install twcL-hooks in the back. After cutting the dividers to shape with a little identification "tab" lika file folder, label th; tabs for the grits you use.


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