Seat Assembly

This is the point in the project when I got an extra burst of motivation — it wouldn't be long until I could actually sit on the Bench.

First, I screwed an outside seat support to each end, see Figs. 28 and 28a.

The center two seat supports are supported from below. That'sthej ob of two support blocks and two front uprights.

BLOCKS. The support blocks (P)stiffen the center supports, refer to Figs. 29 and 30.

After cutting the blocks to finished size, they can be glued to the bottom edge of the seat supports, see Fig. 29. They should be flush with the back end of the supports.

UPRIGHT&Text, cut two front uprights (Q) to finished size, see Fig. 29. Note: Cut these to length to fit between the bottom edge of the seat support and the top edge of the front stretcher, see Figs. 30 and 31.

Then the supports, support blocks, and uprights can all be screwed in place as a unit, see Figs.30 and 31.

SEAT SLATS. Now comes the easy (and-warding) part First, cut a seat blank (another 2x10) to length to fit between the seat rails (D), seeFig. 32.

Then, rip the seat slats ((Ri)e at a time from this blank, see Fig. 32a. Note: Ripping

NOTE: Seat Supports align with bottom edges of Front/BackSeat Rails^

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