Seat Supports

At this point, the project is starting to look like a bench, but you can't sit on it without a seat. And to make the seat comfortable, if s contoured to fit your bottom.

The contour in the seat — and also the mounting surface for all the seat slats —

comes from four seat supports. To create tern tothe blanks and cut the seat the contour in the supports I used a simple supports (0) to finished shape, pattern, see Seat Support Pattern at right. After that sand all the supports to the ex-

PATTERN. To make the pattern, L laid oiatt same shape, the shape on a piece of stiff cardboard, see Shop Note: I used double-sided carpet Fig. 25. Note: I created the arc by bending a tape to hold a pair of blanks together while thin stick (such as a yardstick) between sanding them to the same shape.

three points on the arc.

SEAT SUPPORTS. After cutting the cardboard pattern to shape, cut four lV^'-thick blanks to rough size for the seat supports, see Fig. 26. Then transfer the pat-

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