No pegboard is complete without a rack for chisels and screwdrivers, see drawings at right. Since all screwdrivers and chisels are not alike, I customized the racks shown here for my tools. So when you're making racks for your hand tools, use the ideas shown here to customize your own.

SPACE CONSIDERATIONS. With many tool racks, you have to lift the tool to clear the hole in the rack. This means the space above the rack can't be used.

Instead, these tool racks have narrow slots in front of the holes, so the tools can be pulled straight out (Y ou'll still have to lift a little.) When cutting the slots, cut them slightly wider than the shank of the tool.

When drilling ahole for a chisel, chamfer the top edge of the hole so the ferrule can't slip out of the hole, see Fig. 18. When drilling for a screwdriver, counterbore the hole slightly larger than the handle, see Fig. 19.

After drilling the holes and cutting the slots, chamfer the edges of the rack. □

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