Spice Drawer

After rummaging through my kitcheoup-board looking for some chili powder, I decided there had to be a better way to store spices. A way that kept them from getting lost in the cupboard or from taking up valuable counter space.

So after some trial and error, I designed this Spice Drawer that mounts up and outof the way under the kitchen cabinets and off the top of the counters. (If s like one of those "space-saver" appliances.)

It looks like a drawer but doesn't act like one. Instead ofjust pulling straight out, this drawer swings down as you open it. That way, spices are easy to reach when they're needed, butout of the way when they're not.

Another nice thing aoout this project is there isn't any expensive hardware needed to build it. The false front replaces a drawer pull. And all the movement of the drawer takes place on a pair of pivot pins made from dowels. The pins guide the drawer along grooves as it slides out, and they substitute for hinges when it swings down.

To keep the drawer from pulling out to far, a small plug is glued in each case side as a drawer stop. These stops also allow the drawer to rest at an angle when it's opened all the way. That makes getting at your spices a whole lot easier.

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