The Basics

Edge laps are fairly simple. "Notches" are cut across the edges of two mating work-pieces so they slide together, see photo at right When cutting them, there are only a few "basics" to keep in mind.

SAME WIDTH. Since the notches are cut across the edges of each piece, the width (height) of all the pieces must be identical.

THICKNESS OF PIECES. Also, if s easier to cut edge laps in a single pass. (I often use a dado blade, see Step 2.) This simplifies the procedure, but it also means the thickness of the workpieces and the width of the blade or dado blade must be identical.

HEIGHT OF BLADE. One more thing. Unlike mortises and tenons or dovetails and n" is, edge lap joints have two identical ves. This means the blade must be set exactly half the height of each workpiece, see Steps 3 and 4.

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