Wall Storage System

Here's a pegboard tool rack that uses wall space a lot more efficiently than most pegboards.

For years when you walked into the Woodsmith shop, one of the first things you probably would have noticed was the large pegboard tool rack on the south wall. It held the usual things — screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, and other hand tools.

FALLING HANGERS. One thing that always bothered me about that old rack was the little metal hooks the tools hung from. Almost every time I reached for a tool the hook came off with it or fell to the floor.

To avoid this, we recently designed this Wall Storage System with tool racks and storage units that stay put on pegboard — using simple, common L-hooks.

Here's how the Lrhooks work. First they're screwed to the back of each storage unit To hang them, they're tilted in the pegboard at a 45°

angle, see top photo at right Then the weight of the unit pulls the hook tight against the back of the peg-board, see bottom photo at right It s impossible for them to fall out

WASTED SPACE. Another thing that bothered me about our old peg-board was the wasted space. It didn't seem to hold as many tools as it should — particularly for its size.

So on our new pegboard, we modified some common tool racks to make them more efficient And added adjustable shelves and drawers to hold items that should be handy, but often aren't Items such as sandpaper, hardware, small containers of finish, or even bottles of glue.

It's a simple design that does a lot more, with a lot less. And it's all done with common materials found a most lumberyards.

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