New Frontiers in Bed Design

April 1 1991

Special to Slumber News Digest By H.V. Schlapen

Here's good news for the more than two million Americans identified in a recent survey by S.N.D. as "heavy sleepers." It has long been recognized bv sleep therapists that heavy sleepers need heavy beds.

The new Workman bed was designed by the late Dr. Ty Moroni — himself a "heavy sleeper." In fact, it was during the assembly and testing of the first Workman prototype bed that Dr. Moroni suffered the unfor tunate accident that eventually claimed his life. (See "Martyred Sleep Professor Gave Life for Research" in last month's Slumber News Digest.)

Today's heavy sleepers can rest assured that the new Workman bed not only looks heavy but is heavy— about 3'/2 tons. Each bed is carved out of a solid cube of laminated red oak by automated, computer-controlled laser routers. Fastenings are high-tensile, heat-treated moly-cod-dled steel, Coast Guard approved, ground to zero tolerance and capable of resisting full torque at maxi



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