Double Duty Push Stick

If you have an original Workshop Tip, send it to us with a sketch or photo. If we print it, you'll get $ 100! Send to: Workshop Tips, American Woodworker, 2915 Commers Drive, Suite 700, Eagan, MN 55121 ore-mail to [email protected]. Submissions can't be returned and become our property upon acceptance and payment. We may edit submissions, and use them in all print and electronic media.

Turn back-breaking outdoor cleanup into a "ride in the park" with the incredible Cyclone Rake. Powerful engine-driven vacuum mulcher works like a 5 man crew! You can easily pick-up and pulverize tons of leaves, mow acres of heavy grass, clear pine straw, sticks and lawn debris—as you drive. Hitches to almost any riding mower and gives you 10 times the lifting power and 5 times the capacity—lets you handle huge areas without stopping! And when you're done it folds up flat for compact storage—no need for a barn or spare garage. Call for your FREE INFORMATION KIT and LIVE-ACTION video today.

Finally, a saw you can depend on with a name you can trust. Our new MM series bandsaws feature huge resaw capacities, loads of cast iron, and perhaps most importantly... a company that will stand behind it! Call one of our customer representatives today and discover how our cutting edge bandsaws can improve your woodworking.

Mud US/f

2012 Centimeter Circle Austin, TX 78758

866- WRK- WOOD

(toll free 866-975-9663) www. minimax-usa. com

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Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

Wood Working for Amateur Craftsman

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