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^ Pink corner cupboard by

Kenneth Folk, Harrisburg, PA,

British furniture designer Rupert Senior says he and his partner, Charles Wheclcr-Carmichael conceived this expanding dining table because, "we find so often furniture is a static thing and we wanted to make some change to that."

The table seats six when the leaves are closed, but the pie-shaped parts of the top rotate on roller bearings to expand the table into a 12-seater. The rectangular leaves and removable candlesticks store in a leaf carousel that doubles as a candle stand. The table took almost 1 .(MX) hours to build and is made from American black walnut burl veneer, solid walnut. huhinga and bronze.


Ken Folk loves traditional tools, and he had a chance to use many of them on this cupboard. But the craftsmanship here represents more than skilled woodworking. Folk, an electrical engineer by trade, designed and made the brass tulip hinges and door latches, and painted the Pennsylvania German folk design on the lower door.

Folk used some of the antique planes he has collected to run most of the moldings. The egg and dan dentil molding he carved by hand. He lias no formal training in woodworking but used to do antique restoration and he says, that "gives you an education in furniture construction and design."

Folk calls the cupboard a marriage of Early American cabinetry with a German country motif that was popular in Pennsylvania in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Professional - Second Prize

Dining table by Rupert Senioh \\i> Charles Wheeler-Carmiciiael, Surrey England.

Ejlcr Hjorth-Wcsth started his carccr in wood as a boat builder and today works full-time as a fine-work carpenter. But when it comes to furniture he's still an amateur. Indeed, he says, "I want to stay true to my amateur status. 'Amateur' meaning the root of the word as a lover of the craft."

He made this bed while studying under James Krcnov at the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg. California. The footboard and headboard panels, along with the side rails are all "pillowed" so their surfaces bow slightly. He created the effect by shaping an apple-ply core and then veneering over it. Posts, pedestals and edgings are solid cherry.

Amateur - Second Prize

Bed in European cherry, pear, maple and pine by Ejler Hjorth-Westh, Elk, CA.

Ejler Hjorth Westh

Professional - Third Prize

Writing desk and chair by Terry Moore, Newport, NH.

"I try not to let my design be a product of what my machines can accomplish," says Terry Moore, a self-taught craftsman who used a plywood mock-up to develop the design for this desk.

Moore says he has never used power sanders and prefers to work with hand tools when possible. All the dovetails on the desk drawers are hand-cut and 90 percent are fit straight from the instrument maker's saw he uses to cut them. The desk and chair took about 400 hours to make.

Amateur - Third Prize

Table box by Tom Shimrock, Grantsville, MD.

It was serendipity that brought Tom Shimrock to woodworking. "I bought some exotic hardwoods from a friend because I liked the way they looked, and finally I said 'I have to start doing something with this stuff.' "

He made this turned box after IS years as a hobbyist. The lid and base are cocobolo while the accents arc ebony and brass. The pouch under the lid is stretched leather.

Granadillo can vary wildly in ap|M*aruur<ยป. nidi color ranging from hrown to pink to purple.


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