Best Table Saw Accessories

With this lineup, you cant go wrong. These easy-to-build, shop-made accessories albw you to do more with your table saw — and do it better.

I he table saw is king in JL my shop. It sits right in the middle where I can get at it easily. Whether if s just rough cutting a board to length or cutting accurate joinery for a project, I'll more than likely end up at the table saw.

And the reason for the versatility of my table saw is the simple shop-built

"helpers" I've managed to accumulate through the years. My goal has always been to try to do the best possible job with the least amount of work and that's what this lineup is all about. These accessories allow me to do more with the table saw and do it faster, better, safer, and with a lot less effort.

Now we're not talking about stuff that's difficult and time consuming to build or to set up and use. For the most part, I like to keep these things as straightforward as possible. That way you can spend more of your time using the jigs to build a project, not building the jig and setting it up.

Even the more involved items can be built in just a few hours. But everything here is designed to give long, hard service.

JUST A NOTE. Some of these accessories are designed and sized to fit my 10" contractor's saw. But they can be adapted to fit just about any brand or size of table saw.

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