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Lee Valley &jj(BRitas

Lee Valley &jj(BRitas

These products are just a sampling of gift ideas from our full-color, 248-page catalog.

Tape-in-a-Can by Veritas® In many uses, a rule is preferred to a tape measuret but rules are awkward to cany The very earliest designs of pocket tape measures were flexible metal rules coiled inside containers, not attached to them. This was particularly useful for shorter rules (6' or under), since it allowed people to carry them around in a pocket, uncoiling the rule only when being used and avoiding the nuisance of an attached case.

We incorporated these features in our Tape-in-a-Can line. Our case is a compact 1 y*" dia. by " thick, made of glass-filled nylon for durability and lightness. It has a free-wheeling inside drum controlled by a spring-loaded brake button. The tape easily slides out of the can, powered by its own coil strength, and easily iaserts by reversing the process. The tapes are Vi" wide and have Imperial graduations on the convex side and metric graduations on the concave face. The 3' tape is a "yardstick-in-a-can", far easier to store and use than a wooden yardstick. The 6' is for those who are big-scale thinkers.

Inexpensive and accurate, these are handy to use where you don't want to deal with an attached case. Case made in Canada. AW0201 3' Tape-in-a-Can $4.95

r Veritas* Wheel Marking Gauge

Avoid the shortcomings of standard pin marking gauges. Our marking gauge will perfectly scribe at any point of its circumference. Since the hardened steel

_ PreasKXi-ground

Solid brass shatt face

_ PreasKXi-ground

Solid brass shatt face

Lightweight aluminum head

Hardened steel marking wheel

Lightweight aluminum head

Hardened steel marking wheel wheel is sharp, bevelled only on the inside and non-rotating, it cuts through grain and forces the gauge face against the stock, maintaining accuracy. It cuts rather than tears and leaves a clean mark, even on cross grain. The gauge is easy to set since it has an internal O-ring to keep light but constant friction on the stem. The anodized aluminum head has a Jfe" thick brass face and a brass thumbscrew. AW0210 Wheel Marking Gauge $18.95

Veritas® Sliding Bevel

We got the germ of the idea for the cam locking mechanism on this sliding bevel from a model made in the early 1900s. We improved it substantially, making a better mechanism of bronze (using the lost-wax process), combining it with a 10" stainless-steel blade and housing both in a resin-impregnated wood body; it could be used under water without damage. The obvious benefit of this design is that the locking mechanism is completely flush, allowing the bevel to be used on either side. But more important, it can be used in the most restricted places since the lever cam lock can be operated with a single finger. You can reach way back into a comer to measure angles. Since the locking mechanism operates by compression with no rotary movement, accuracy is perfect This is the best sliding bevel design on the market.

AW0265 10" Sliding Bevel $21.95

a Veritas® Chisel Plane

Rabbet planes used to be widely available, but are now being discontinued by manufacturers. We developed this specialized plane to convert a chisel into a rabbet plane. The body is made

Adjusting the chisel.

Cutting edge

Adjusting the chisel.

Bevel has a quck-roWMSo locking mechanism of cast ductile iron and is configured to hold a 1" bevel-edge chisel at a 45° angle, the same pitch as used on bench planes. It becomes a small plane that works equally well as a shoulder plane or rabbet plane and can be used to clean up machine-cut rabbets and tenons. It works like a butt mortise plane for cutting hinge gains. It will also cut 1" dadoes and grooves up to a depth of W. Precisely machined. Overall size is m* wide by 5Vi" long by W high. The clamping screw is solid brass. While it excels as a job-site plane, it is equally handy in the shop. Chisel not included.

AW0100 Veritas® Chisel Plane $29-95

A Catalog Of Solutions

Our 248-page, full-color catalog has the widest selection of woodworking hand tools on the market. Products with the Veritas* trademark are made by Veritas® Tools Inc., the manufacturing arm of Lee Valley* Tools Ltd.

Let Valley Ibols Lid., 12 East River Street, Ogdensburg, NX 13669


or fax: 1-800-513-7885 B

Our catalog is $5 (refunded with first order) or FREE with any purchase from this ad.

N.Y. residents, add sales tax.

Oveneas, call: 1-615-596-0350 or fax: 1 613-596-6050.

Visit our Web sit* at: innr ImuUey com

One Sweet Router

After using this router I had a hard time deciding which feature I liked the best. Its got a 2-hp motor, so theres plenty of power. Add to that soft start, great dust collection, variable speed and a well made micro-depth adjust. But in the end, it was the electronic brake I really fell in love with.Take a look at what this tools got:

■ A 1-in. dust port is built into the base. An acrylic shield on the base centralizes dust pick up right at the bit. However, if you run bits bigger than 1 l&-in. dia., the shield has to come out. Simply remove three screws, and out it comes. No big deal. I routed a lot of MDF with this router and the dust pick up was excellent.

■ When you do run those bigger bits, you need to slow down the rpms. Variable speed on this router runs from 10,000 to 23,000 rpm. That's slow enough at the low end for panel raising bits and high enough for smaller straight and profile bits.

■ There are two switches on this router. A toggle on top of the motor and a trigger on the handle. If you put the router in a table, you can lock the spring-loaded trigger in the On position, and control the router with the toggle switch on the motor. A trigger on the handle,

Price: $190 from Porter Cable retailers.

especially on a plunge router, is the way to go.

■ After routing, you need to stop. This is where the electronic brake comes in. Shut off the power, and the spindle stops INSTANTLY! No more free wheeling router bits.

■ One full turn of the micro adjust moves the motor a mere in. This makes it very easy to dial in those tiny increments to get just the right cut.

■ Porter Cable includes V*-in. and in. collets. They finally got away from a two wrench system and included a spindle lock. You can hold the spindle lock with one hand and loosen or tighten with the wrench in the other hand. Works fine. The collets are self-releasing and this presents a small problem. The threading on the spindle is very short. By the time you loosen the collet enough to engage the self-release collar, the collet is off the spindle. Every time I loosened a collet, it came off in my hands. Not a deal breaker, just a little irritating.

■ Like all plunge routers, the 7529 has a turret so you can set depth of cut for various applications.

This is a problem-solving tool. If routers in the lte-hp range are too small for your needs, and the 3-hp beasts are too much to handle, this router's for you!

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