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DONT WORRY about making a few mistakes. Learn to fix them. Here I had to insert a thin wedge in the joint to make up for a mistake in cutting. While the glue was still wet, I sawed out a couple of wedges and lightly tapped one into an open joint. After the glue dried, I cut the end of the wedge off.

I USE A PLANE to clean up dovetails. When finely set and super sharp a plane slices right across the end grain leaving a smooth, flat surface that you can't get with sandpaper. I plane from the corners into the middle and take out any ridges the plane may leave with a cabinet scraper. M

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NEXT COMES a sloped cut that defines the shoulder.The chisel is facing the same direction.That's an economy of movement common to all good handwork.This cut carries the chisel pretty deep, almost up to the first cut.

"Woodworking is supposed to be fun!"

"I chop out the pins like there's no tomorrow. Good, solid blows on a very sharp chisel get the job done in no time."

A COMBINATION of vertical cuts and sloped cuts remove most of the waste. Actually, I lean the vertical cuts. This "undercutting" saves a lot of time in cleaning up the dovetails.

Notice that I leave a flat spot at the end of the waste. If you've ever torn out the interior of a hand-chopped dovetail, you'll appreciate this tip. I chop halfway down one side of the board, brush away the chips and turn the board over.The flat spot supports the waste so there's no tear out.

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