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Tablesaw Tapering Technique

Taper the guide boards for the socket jig on the tablesaw. Here's how to size them to fit your router base. Subtract the radius of the base from in. to get distance "A." Rip two pieces of 'A-in. plywood to this width. Tape a '/┬╗in.-thick shim onto the corner edge of each piece. Put this edge against the fence and rip the pieces again. Remove the shim and mark the wide side with an "XM on the bottom corner. Cut the second piece the same way and mark "Y" on the top.

layers undersize and leave them rough. Screw the three layers together. Drill holes through the sandwich for screws that will hold it to the back. When you drill the finger hold and rout the dovetail socket you'll remove the pilot holes made by these screws.

Shaping the Back and Front

Rip the solid wood for the back, seat and front to the same width. Crosscut the back board a bit longer than its final length. Align the template with the bottom end of the back and trace around it. Saw out the back, staying at least Vta-in. away from the pencil line. Fasten

2. CUT A PERFECT TAPERED SOCKET with this simple jig.The two pieces of plywood are tapered, so the opening between them is wider at one end than the other.

side of back tapered socket tape on 1/32 ' shim mark first board underneath

Hoosier Cabinet

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