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Craftsman's Automatic Power Switch

Flip on the light, switch on the shop vacuum, power up the power tool. Wouldn't it be great to do all this with the flip of one switch?

Try Craftsman's Automatic Power Switch. Plug the switch into a 110/120 outlet, then plug your tool, and up to two accessories, into the switch. When you turn on the tool the accessories come on automatically. Shut off the tool and the accessories stay on for about three seconds more. You can also set the manual override switch so the accessories don't come on with the tool.

The switch is rated at 15 amps, and 1 questioned its ability to handle a load. Then I ran a 75-watt light, 6.5 amp vacuum and 15-amp router with no problems. Use this switch with your jointer, bandsaw, router—anyplace you need a light and/or vacuum to run along with the tool. At $20 the price will turn you on too. Get it at your nearest Sears store.

Woodworking, craft and home improvement projects?

Get AccuSet!

A200BN Brad Nailer

A250SM Finish Nailer

Al SOLS Finish Stapler

Are you a woodworker, hobbyist or home improver? Have you experienced the precision and speed of pneumatic nailing and stapling? Professionals use pneumatic fastening in applications from small bird feeder production to cabinet building and finish and trim work. Now SENCO* the brand of choice of professionals,' has o new line of tools, fasteners and accessories just for you I Check out AccuSet'brand finish nailers, brad nailers and staplers from the pros at SENCO. They're loaded with power, great features and hove a two year warranty - the best in the business! And with prices starting around $99 (U.S.), they make a great gift or addition to your workshop. To find the retail outlet nearest you, call our toll-free number, 1-888-222-8144, or visit our newly expanded website:

The tools you need for the wokk you Do.

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Th* onhf way to work? C7999 Seoco ftodwcls. W: 8435 BfootMl Rood. Gnem*. Ota 45244.1699


Trusted By Professionals For Over 45 Years.

Technical Service 1-800-347-GLUE a cop

Hie least expensive item in your workshop just might be the most important With all the time and money you've invested in your project, why trust anything else?

Portable Tool Stand

If you need a place to set up your benchtop planer, as well as a great stand for a miter saw or any other benchtop tool, try the Stablemate RWC-36 from Iowa Manufacturing. It's a sawhorse with the rigidity of a workbench. When you're not using it, remove the tool, fold the locking legs and it's a snap to put everything away.

The stand is 36-in. high and comes with material supports that are about 71-in. apart. You can adjust the supports to the height you need, plus it's easy to get tools on and off. Just fasten your benchtop tool to the mounting clamps. Carriage bolts are included for this. The mounting clamps have dovetail-shaped jaws that grab onto the top of the Stablemate. A couple turns of the handles, and everything is locked in place.

Most miter saws can be bolted directly to the mounting clamps. Planers, because their mounting holes are farther apart, will probably have to be fastened to a piece of plywood first.

There's a little wiggle to the system with a planer on it, but not much. Overall, 1 found the set up very stable—hence the name! The portability is excellent. The Stablemate is perfect for woodworkers with limited spacc, or if your tools need to travel.

You can get the Stablemate for about $120. If you want extra mounting clamps, a set for each tool, they're only around S30. Iowa Manufacturing; (800) 882-4422.

Easy Edging Clamps

Gluing on edging has never been so easy as with Pony's Edging Spring Clamp. These babies grab the surface, the same as any spring clamp. The difference is that a piece of spring steel inside the jaws applies pressure to a piece of edging at the same time.

The clamp pressure was more than adequate and the clamps were very easy to use. A clamp about every 10 in. pulled oak edging tight.

Pick up 1- and 2-in. clamps for $4 and $5 respectively. Available at many home centers or call Adjustable Clamp Co., (312) 666-0640.

98 American Woodworker December 1999


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31-750 NEW Bonch Random Ortit. Sanier

28-1SO NEW 9* Berich Band Ss» Sala 155

31-695 6" 8ÄV Oac Sander-441 299

23-710 Sharpening Carier_217 155

31-460 4* BeVDoc Sandel-1» 119

40-540 16' VMftpd Scrot Su*-249 159

11-090 32" Radal Berth Drtl Pron 405 279

22-540 12" Bend) Top Ptanor---SM 259

36-664 Ve»sa FeeOW S*Kk Feeder 249

37-070 6* tatfepd Bonch Jointer— »51 265 14-650 Molo« Orttil Morts«« «Mlh

17-900 16-112* Floor Ortl Press 490 329

36-265 6-1.4' »jUmn Sm wt atiwoSele 275

34-555 SildriQ Table----467 315

31-760 OsoHeong Spód* Sarder . 253 194

36-444 10" Cortrec**« Taöe Sa» . Sale 569 33-630 10" R*»«l Arm Saw-------»51 729

37-285 NEW 6* Jorner w.' Wand 424 348

37-360 NEW 8" Prolewonal Jorter1500112»

Single Siege Dust CoBectors

50-850 1-1)2 MR 1200 CFM Sale 295

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632002-4 7.2 vot Battery 39 28

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