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Hibddn Hardwood, Inc.

Direct importers of Central American exotics and African blackwood. New, self-service retail area.

Hours are 7:30 - 4:30, MF. Also open from 9:00 -1:00, second Saturday of each month.

1406 N. Broadway St Louis, MO 63102 (314) 6217711



OVER 70 DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED SPECIES CusJofn-Modt flooring CuHy Cherry 4/4 lo 16/4 • Birds«/« & T»9er Maple Mofcogony 30% • Premium WoW I Omry

K.D Lumbe'. Ncncrtw.de & lr#emortooal Shippir^ No Ord* Too (orpe or Too Smotf E-mal: w*xxJ4u8#pix.ntf (717) 284-0001 800-342-0001 FAX(717)2W-2400

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