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Get your dishes out of the cupboard and into this attractive storage rack. And don't worry — hanging it on the wall will be worry-free.

1/1/hen I think of a plate rack, it's usually a small V »weekend project—a single shelf for plates and other knickknacks. But this plate storage rack is different It's not just for displaying a few plates. It will store a couple dozen!

Now this may sound a little out of the ordinary. But there are a number of reasons to recommend it. For one thing, because the plates are stored like mail in a bin, you have easy access to each plate; they aren't stacked in a pile. And since the plates never touch each other, you won't ding or scratch them when putting them away. Plus, it beats "hiding" your nice dishes in a cupboard. And there are even a couple shelves for displaying your dinnerware.

There was one other concern I had about storing dishes on the wall. Once the rack is full of plates, it's going to be heavy — really heavy. So I wanted a hanging system that was both sturdy and easy to install. Fortunately, the solution was as close as the shop wall. Years ago, I had hung a tool cabinet there, using two beveled cleats. ¿\nd since the cabinet is full of tools, I know the cleats will hold a rack full of plates.

Plus, this hanging system is easy on your back. The wall cleat can be mounted secure and level without having to hold the rack in place. The other interlocking cleat is built into the rack. So to mount the rack, it's simply lifted onto the wall cleat, almost like hanging a coat on a hook.

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