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All plywood good two sides


All plywood good two sides

The sides of the upper cabinet are sandwiched between the front and back, see Side Panel Assembly Exploded View. Each side is made up of a pair of rails (J), a pair of stiles (K) and a center rail (L). These pieces form a frame that holds a pair of plywood panels.

After these pieces are cut to size, grooves are cut on the edges for the panels, and tenons are cut on the ends of the rails, see details 'b' above.

Finally, a tongue is cut on one edge of each stile to match the grooves in the front and back frames, see detail 'a.'

With the joinery complete, the plywood side panels (M) can be cut to size, and the sides can be glued together. Then the side panels can be glued up with the front and back panels.

When all the panels are assembled, the upper cabinet looks like an open box. To enclose this space, you'll need to add a top and bottom.

There's also a shelf that fits inside this case. And since this shelf is actually captured inside the cabinet when the top and bottom are added, 1 started by making it first.

SHELF. The shelf (N) is nothing more than a piece of plywood with a strip of hardwood edging (O) glued to the front, see Figs. 3 and 3b. It's supported by shelf pins.

TOP. The top consists of a W plywood panel surrounded by a hard-

NOTE: Rout roundover on front and sides of frame b.



NOTE: Rout roundover on front and sides of frame

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