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Expandable Dovetail Jig

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Inc.'

'Your One Slop Supply Shop"

Making dovetails is often a difficult, two-part process. First, you need to precisely lay out your pins and tails. Second, you need to accurately cut those matching angles. Fortunately, Peachtree Woodworking Supply has done most of the layout work and the math for you. They have milled the exact cuts that need to be made in an aluminum, heavy-duty, and easy-to-

use dovetail jig. The key to the ^-

Peachtree system for making f through dovetails is the use of precision bearing guides on the shank of the router bit instead of I /fl brass bushing guides commonly used with other dovetail jigs.

The jig will work with two \

different thicknesses of stock at the same time. And, it doesn't limit your stock width. You simply make your first cut, slide the jig down, realign and make your second cut. Or you can attach a second 15" Peachtree Dovetail Jig with tabs (sold separately) and make the longer width cuts all at once without moving the jig. For a unique joint, you can also skip a space on the jig. This means the types of projects you can do with this jig are virtually endless!

Setting up to cut the joint is fast and easy because the bearing is already centered on the bit. Peachtree has milled the aluminum template to match the bearing size so that the bit is perfectly centered and there is no slop, no wear and no waste.

r The Kit includes a 15" Aluminum

\ Dovetail Jig, a 1/4" shank 7' dovetail k bit with bearing, a 1/4" shank 5/8"

I straight bit with bearing, and full A color instructions. The bits that come with the Peachtree Dovetail Jig will cut dovetails in stock from 1/2" to 3/4" thick. Optional router bit sets are available for thinner stock or box joints. The jig can be used with a 1 -1 /2 hp hand held router or on a router table.

The Peachtree Dovetail |ig Clamping Kit (sold separately) includes two sections of Mini T-Track and two 1/4" T-Track Hold Downs with non-marring rubber pads. The kit allows you to build a base for your Peachtree Dovetail System with a standard piece of 3/4" stock (not included).

Dovetails Mane EASY!

Dovetails Mane EASY!

Piping Bend Images

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Inc.

/ 'Your Orr Slop Supply Miorijgji

Peachtre* Woodworking Supply Inc. M84 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Norcrou GA. 30071

Peachtree Woodworking Supply Inc.

/ 'Your Orr Slop Supply Miorijgji ptreeusa.com toll freel-888-512-9069

Peachtre* Woodworking Supply Inc. M84 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Norcrou GA. 30071

Johann Eberhard GmbH


'Ihe Johann Eberhard GmbH manufactures premium tools for professional applications, sold worldwide, in modern, highly-engineered and automated facilities in Europe. With its production facility based in Austria, and subsidiaries in France, )ohann Eberhard GmbH specializes in the manufacture of boring and routing tools for woodworking. Around 1(H) skilled workers produce drilling and routing tools of the highest quality for industry, trade and do-it-yourselfers.

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