Hot Pipe Bending Wood

IWF booth #6349

Patented design allows for multiple rail & stile project combinations

Profile Shown: Round Over

With Freud's New Premier Adjustable Rail & Stile System

Now with Freud's new, patented Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile router bit system, you are able to build any style of cabinet door in a wide range of door thicknesses and sizes! This extremely easy-to-use solution gives you unlimited creative freedom, and solves the long-standing limitations of existing frame and panel door construction.

This one of a kind solution allows you to create extended tenons for extra door joint strength, adjust groove width for different panel thicknesses and choose from a variety of material thicknesses for your stiles and rails (5/8" to 1-1/4"). Optional add-on cutters increase your bits' capabilities even more, allowing you to create glass panel and double sided profile doors.

Four profiles are available; Round Over (#99-760). Ogee (#99-761), Round Over Bead (#99-763). and Bevel (#99-764).

Standard stub tenons in regular 3/4" stock

Glass & screen panel capability

Double Sided Profiles in thick stock

Precisely the best.

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