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as two-dimensional art, until the parts are removed and folded to create chairs and other functional pieces. The folding process resembles origami, the Japanese art of folding squares of paper into representational objects. In fact, I engrave the surfaces of my work with origami-like images to symbolize its folding nature.

I design my furniture in Rhino CAD and cut the pieces from plywood, using a 250-watt Beam laser cutting and engraving machine with a 48" x 48" bed. Because of its extremely tight cutting tolerances, laser cutting is perfect for my work; the laser leaves a kerf of only .006". Laser cutting is perfect for my work. This ultra-thin kerf allows cutting parts out of one sheet of material with virtually no waste, and the tight-fitting joints it creates are perfect for my folding designs. Cutting these designs with a regular saw or router wouldn't be possible.

Finding a company that had large bed lasers and was willing to work on one-off projects proved difficult, until I discovered RMS Laser of El Cajon, CA (near San Diego). The amazing folks at RMS Laser enjoy working with artists and woodworkers. They'll ship anywhere—and even give you a discount if you mention American Woodworker*. You can find more information about their cutting services at

You can view more pictures and videos of my folding furniture at

Mosquito Lamp

Mosquito Lamp

Folding Chair

A thin area in the shade allows the light to shine through.

Hidden hinges aid the transformation.

Ready for real use.

Ready for real use.

Christy Oates started in the furniture industry at age five, in her mother's upholstery shop in Wisconsin. After earning an Associate Degree in Interior Design and working in kitchen design, she earned her BFA in Furniture Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2006. Christy is currently finishing her MFA in Furniture Design at San Diego State University.

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