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Grind more accurately with shop-made tool rests.

by Mario Rodriguez let's face it, the tool rests on most grinders just don't cut it. They may be fine for sharpening scissors or lawnmower blades, but when it comes to woodworking tools, forget it. They're often too small and too hard to adjust. In addition, they usually have to be set at an awkward angle that's really hard on your wrists.

You're way better off making your own tool rests. I've designed a pair that will give you accurate and consistent results that can easily be repeated. Using these rests.

you'll spend less time at the grinder. You'll be able to hone your tools and get back to work much faster.

My replacement tool rests will fit almost any grinder. They're fastened to a plywood base, rather than directly to the grinder. This way, they can be positioned to accommodate almost any machine. These rests are designed to fit a 6" Delta grinder, but their dimensions are easy to change for a different model or an 8" grinder.

For more information on selecting and using a grinder, go to America

Chisels and Plane Irons making a straight edge is the biggest problem most woodworkers face when grinding chisels and plane irons. That's because most tools are wider than the grinding wheel, so you have to slide the tool from side to side to grind its whole face. That's really hard to do with a standard tool rest, but a cinch with this one.

The tool is securely clamped in a commercial tool holder (see Source, right), which slides back and forth on a long piece of electrical tubing. You can lift the holder off the tube at any point to inspect your progress.

The second problem most woodworkers have with a standard tool rest is fine-tuning the grinding angle. Precisely matching an existing angle saves you lots of time on the grinder. This tool rest is easy to adjust: To change the grinding angle, you just move the rest in or out.


Lee Valley Tools,, (800) 871 -8158, Veritas Grinding Jig, »05M06.01,524.50.


Lee Valley Tools,, (800) 871 -8158, Veritas Grinding Jig, »05M06.01,524.50.

The left tool rest is simply a piece of electrical tubing mounted on a block. A Veritas tool holder fits it perfectly, and can be slid back and forth or lifted off at any time.

To adjust the angle of the tool's bevel, simply move the tool rest in or out. A knob locks it in place.

Turning and Carving Gouges many gouges have a bevel that's created by rotating the tool, but making a smooth, even bevel is difficult using a standard tool rest. Steadying the tool is tricky. This extension arm makes the job much easier. Just nest the end of the tool in the arm's V-shaped cradle, rotate the gouge, and you're all set.

This arm accommodates gouges of all lengths.

It's hinged in two places to give you maximum flexibility in setting up your tool. Raising and lowering the cradle makes major changes to the bevel angle; to fine-tune the angle, you slide the arm in or out.

Caution: Always place the tool high up on the wheel, as shown in the photo, and use light pressure.

Shaped Gouge

The right-hand tool rest ¡s an articulated arm. To create a perfectly even bevel on a gouge, just rotate the tool.

The arm can be configured to handle tools of almost any length.

The right-hand tool rest ¡s an articulated arm. To create a perfectly even bevel on a gouge, just rotate the tool.

The arm can be configured to handle tools of almost any length.


Scissors Grinding And Bending

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Sliding Platform and Guides

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